Top 3 announcements at Tridion Developer Summit 2015

September 18, 2015

Top 3 announcements at Tridion Developer Summit 2015

This week (16 and 17 September) the second Tridion Developer Summit was held at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Around 120 of the brightest Tridion developers/architects/enthusiasts gathered there to exchange thoughts about the newest SDL products and have a lot of fun in one of the most modern eye-catching buildings in Amsterdam.

Although there is a lot to talk about this year’s conference, I just want to present to you my top 3 announcements at TDS 2015.

Free Tridion Developer Licenses

Yes, that’s right! Developers are no longer required to have a paid license or be part of a partner program to develop for Tridion. This is a huge shift for SDL and I can’t imagine the number of discussions around this topic at the SDL office. It will be a huge boost for the community and it will definitely make it easier to start up new open source projects without requiring you to spend thousands of euros on a license first. Definitely my number one of Tridion announcements since years.

JuggerNET out, microservices in

Another big announcement came from the Content Delivery team at SDL. Although Odata has been around for years now as a Content Delivery service, it hasn’t been widely used. Most of the times you could do without, because most implementations would include the Tridion libraries as a deployment package or it was already installed as part of the Content Delivery installation.

In SDL Web 8 there is a huge change which will give OData a bigger role in your implementation. The Content Delivery API will no longer talk to the databases directly, but through the OData service. The services are also split into different endpoints which will make it more into a micro service architecture.

What this all means? For one, this will mean the .NET libraries will no longer have to depend on JuggerNET or Java installed on your system (Oprah moment). No more of “which xmogrt should I use today”.

This also means that you only need your micro service to run at one place and all developers can connect to this service by configuring the endpoints for the Content Delivery APIs. Maybe less big news for running on live, but a huge improvement when you’re developing.

SDL Web 8 <3 Maven and Nuget

I have been looking forward to this announcement for weeks. SDL’s Nuno Linhares teased me when I asked him about it on Twitter and finally he made the announcement official this week. The new SDL Web 8 libraries will available on Maven and Nuget. In the past the libraries were copyrighted and didn’t had the right license to be distributed with open source projects, which made it extremely hard to distribute your open source projects. By making the libraries public, you will only have to create a new dependency to these libraries on Maven and Nuget and they will be pulled automatically.


Nuno promised change and his team and SDL sure delivered. I believe open source projects will be easier to make and easier to deliver with the new Tridion SDL Web 8 version. I can’t wait for the next project to start using it.

Kah Tang

Kah Tang