Top 10 StackOverflow Developer Survey 2015 Results

May 22, 2015

Top 10 StackOverflow Developer Survey 2015 Results

The numbers tell the tale

Since our developers are frequent visitors and contributors of StackOverflow (or it’s affiliate StackExchange communities) it is interesting to see the results of this 2015 developer survey.


I summed up a top 10 of what I thought were the most interesting results of this StackOverflow Developer Survey 2015. Especially for those TLDR; people. Keep in mind that the survey results are biased towards English speaking devs.

  1. 32 million monthly visitors to StackOverflow website, 25 million are returning visitors
  2. 5 most popular technologies in 2015:
    1. Javascript - 54,4%
    2. SQL - 48,0%
    3. Java - 37,4%
    4. C# - 31,6%
    5. PHP - 29.7%
    More details and results
  3. Notepad++ is the most populair Text Editor, followed by Sublime Text and VIM.More details and results
  4. GIT is by far the most popular source control with 69,3%, followed by SVN and TFS. Almost 10% of the developers still don't use source control!
  5. Tabs vs Spaces... still 45% prefer tabs! why? :-( More details and results
  6. The Dutch are second after the Norwegians with their daily coffee intake, with 3,04 per day!
  7. How many Big Macs[note]Among countries with at least 100 survey respondents. Based on The Economist's Jan 2015 Big Mac Index.[/note] can you buy?
    1. Ukraine - 21,825
    2. South Africa -  19,215
    3. United States - 18,712
    More results and details
  8. The Dutch are the second most happiest with their jobs after Iran, and followed by Norway. More results and details
  9. The most satisfying jobs besides being an executive are Machine learning developer and  Mobile Development (iOS).
  10. The least satisfying jobs are Product managers, Graphics Programmers and back-end web developer... More results and details


Some of the results should not be taken that literally, as the results are biased towards English speaking countries. Also the the type of respondents skew the results. For instance, Full-stack web developer and students make out 40% of the survey respondents. They might not enjoy (or understand) working on back-end, which is also the reason this job type ended up being rated as more negative.

Here you can find all of the Developer Survey 2015 results

A big thanks to StackOverflow and the community (which is, or should be, you) for helping us developers out all these years. And if you don’t have an account yet you should make one and see if you can help someone out.


Hendrik Beenker

Hendrik Beenker

Solution Architect