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An MVC-Knockout-TypeScript-Webpack Starter project

Are you considering using KnockoutJS with TypeScript and Webpack for a single page application in an ASP.NET MVC context? Then this starter project is for you. Recently I worked on a relatively complex single page app with KnockoutJS and TypeScript. The result of what I’ve learned during this project is...

DevDays ‘11 The Netherlands day #1 0

DevDays ‘11 The Netherlands day #1

Vandaag was de eerste dag van DevDays van dit jaar, zoals altijd ben ik weer erg benieuwd welke interessante sessies op het programma staan. Over 2 dagen verspreid worden 100+ sessies gegeven over allerlei topics zoals ASP.NET, MVC3, NuGet, SQL, Silverlight, Azure, Windows Phone 7, OData, Rest, enz. De eerste...