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Indivirtual Summer Event 2016 – Zandvoort aan Zee

Indivirtual at the beach! Sometimes we play in the snow, sometimes we play in the sand. We stayed close to home to enjoy ourselves with beach activities in plenty of sunshine (which was #winning already considering the sunny reputation of the Netherlands) and good food at Zandvoort aan Zee! Of course...


Indivirtual Snow Event 2015 – Seefeld, Austria

Indivirtual back to Seefeld! After the last Snow Event in 2013 in Germany we wanted to go back to a more snow-certain area with a larger ski-area than Winterberg. This meant flying again, since nobody got excited about the prospect of an 11 hour busride (again). We returned to the...

Indivirtual Summer Event 2014 0

Indivirtual Summer Event 2014 – Amsterdam

“Aan De Amsterdamse Grachten” For the Indivirtual summer event we stayed in Amsterdam. And what better way to enjoy Amsterdam than from the water! A nice canal-cruise with drinks, snacks and an exciting pub-quiz! Afterwards a Barbecue dinner underneath the watchful eye of the largest church tower of Amsterdam; De Westerkerk....

Indivirtual Summer Event 2012 - Kagerplassen 0

Indivirtual Summer Event 2012 – Kagerplassen

Sailing away on beautiful after summer day! This time we stayed a bit closer to home and spent the day sailing in the Kagerplassen. It was a beautiful (and hot) after summer day, but we hardly had any wind. The goal was to pick a “winner” after two or three...


Indivirtual Summer Event 2010 – Amsterdamse Bos

Move your butt! This year we decided to keep the Indivirtual summer event closer to home and do something active.  The Amsterdamse bos is a great place for kayaking, waterbiking, walking and climbing. We spent the whole day outdoors and went for dinner back into the office.


Indivirtual Summer Event 2009 – Ardennen, Belgium

Indivirtual Summertime! For the 4th year we organized our official long weekend. This year we went to the Belgium Ardennes for an adventure filled trip with the Dutch office of Indivirtual and Sentia. Our long weekend is also open for partners of our employees, so all husbands and wives of...


Indivirtual Snow Event 2007 – Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See, het is hier fantastisch Dit jaar vond onze snowboard trip plaats in Zell am See te Oostenrijk. Anders dan het jaar daarvoor mochten ook de partners van de Indivirtuals mee. De sfeer was daardoor anders en dat bedoel ik positief. Het ging bijvoorbeeld niet de hele dag...