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Remove standard Episerver modeltype options

In Episerver we might want to remove the option to create certain default ContentTypes from Episerver. But how can we do this without going to the admin panel? Problem We’ve created a CustomFormContainerBlock to hold an extra property: EmailRecipient. The editor must use this new block instead of the FormContainerBlock...


An MVC-Knockout-TypeScript-Webpack Starter project

Are you considering using KnockoutJS with TypeScript and Webpack for a single page application in an ASP.NET MVC context? Then this starter project is for you. Recently I worked on a relatively complex single page app with KnockoutJS and TypeScript. The result of what I’ve learned during this project is...

DevDays ‘11 The Netherlands day #1 0

DevDays ‘11 The Netherlands day #1

Vandaag was de eerste dag van DevDays van dit jaar, zoals altijd ben ik weer erg benieuwd welke interessante sessies op het programma staan. Over 2 dagen verspreid worden 100+ sessies gegeven over allerlei topics zoals ASP.NET, MVC3, NuGet, SQL, Silverlight, Azure, Windows Phone 7, OData, Rest, enz. De eerste...