(Social Media) Account cleaning

August 9, 2012

(Social Media) Account cleaning

Why I started cleaning and deleting some of my accounts and (Social Media) services. (and why I am not done yet)

delete-300x300.jpgI don’t know why exactly August 7th had to be the day, but I had been thinking about getting rid of some (or even all) Social Media services.

Maybe it was because of the hacking Incident of this journalist that made me look at all these services interconnecting with my accounts. Which made me think about why I have all these services, what they add to my joy and happiness in life and how much time I spent on it…

Don’t worry I still love Social Media, Internet and the Cloud! My next blog will be about how I moved almost everything into the Cloud (teaser mode!)


The following Services have ended up on the chopping block. Nothing personal people!:

  • Foursquare

    • Gave me joy for more than two years, and was the hardest one to part with. But, the constant checking into places for badges and Mayorships is just silly (when you think about it).
    • It added no real extra value but entertainment to myself only. Nothing really to share, and having a record of where I have been in the last years seems irrelevant at a certain point.
    • I'll miss it, but I'll get over it.
  • GetGlue

    • Gave me a short-lived joy of collecting stickers and badges, but I never actually had them sent to me.
    • Too American TV focused anyway (not enough local shows)
    • No extra value but entertainment, but not as addictive is Foursquare
  • Pinterest

    • The new kid on the block. It seems fun to collect images and links, but again it is only fun to share it at the moment. I don't really go back to look at old stuff
    • It was fun to have one "Happy Star Wars" day post be repinned more than 20.000 times.
    • Couldn't give it a purpose in life, nor real joy.

    • Seemed fun to have nice "Central" place to showcase yourself with large imagery and a short description of yourself, but again, why? I can be found easily on other networks, with more information.
    • No more purpose, no joy, no need...

    • I am not sure what I was supposed to do with this, but It never got me going.

    • Tried it, but probably need a need for something first.
    • There is one for Tridion, but it seems to get a lot of irrelevant information as well.
  • Timehop

    • Getting a daily "I know what you did last year" mail is fun, but I had another service for it as well. I choose the other service over this one (Memolane)
  • Twittercounter

    • A weekly review on the ups and downs in Twitter followers and a prediction for next week.
    • Doesn't really bother me, but I am not that focused on the numbers...
  • Asana

    • Some project management tool service.
    • Never used it, no joy, no need.
  • A bunch of newsletters

    • The usual, you click 'em away without reading, so they give you no more joy. This will be an ongoing process.

Proof and follow-up

Just so you know I really meant business I saved some of the more memorable deletion pages in a Google+ album, with sad smileys and crying animals


The other follow up I needed to do, and so should you is to go in some of the services I am still using to get rid of all unnecessary application access and links. This cleaning exercise should be done on a regular basis anyway, but here are the links of the most important ones:

And of course, I will critically look into the services I still have left like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Memolane....

Let us know if this inspired you to clean up as well, and which accounts you removed!

Hendrik Beenker

Hendrik Beenker

Solution Architect