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Top 3 announcements at Tridion Developer Summit 2015

This week (16 and 17 September) the second Tridion Developer Summit was held at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Around 120 of the brightest Tridion developers/architects/enthusiasts gathered there to exchange thoughts about the newest SDL products and have a lot of fun in one of the most modern eye-catching buildings in Amsterdam....

Hippo CMS 10 1

12 new features of Hippo CMS 10 to look forward to

Hippo CMS 10 is a major new release of Hippo CMS. Many new features and improvements have been introduced with this release. We list here, in no particular order, top 12 new features/changes that we think are of the most importance. 12 new features of Hippo CMS 10 Versioning The last...


What’s new in the EPiServer Spring ’15 release

On May 27 EPiServer released a new version of the Digital Experience Cloud Platform. What does this new EPiServer version bring us? Cloud and connectivity seems to be the keywords here.   Cloud “Cloud first” seems to be the way to go. Although the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud package is...

StackOverflow Developer 2015 Survey Results 0

Top 10 StackOverflow Developer Survey 2015 Results

The numbers tell the tale Since our developers are frequent visitors and contributors of StackOverflow (or it’s affiliate StackExchange communities) it is interesting to see the results of this 2015 developer survey. TLDR: I summed up a top 10 of what I thought were the most interesting results of this StackOverflow Developer Survey...


Updating resource bundles in Hippo using Groovy script

Introduction Often, when deploying a new release through the DTAP environment, resource labels need to be updated as well. For example you added a new label for a button. Or you defined some configuration in a resource label, like a date pattern, which is used into your JSP file (although...


ST4I Workshop at Indivirtual

Het internet dringt op steeds meer plekken door in onze levens, de ontwikkelingen volgen elkaar snel op. Ook op het gebied van “the Internet of Things”. Twee Indivirtuals zetten de stap, en gingen in een Internet of Things-workshop aan de slag met Arduino!


Indivirtual Snow Event 2015 – Seefeld, Austria

Indivirtual back to Seefeld! After the last Snow Event in 2013 in Germany we wanted to go back to a more snow-certain area with a larger ski-area than Winterberg. This meant flying again, since nobody got excited about the prospect of an 11 hour busride (again). We returned to the...

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Publishing binary assets from SDL Tridion

Introduction In this blog post, I’m going to talk about publishing binary files from SDL Tridion. In particular, I’m going to go over some strange behaviour that you might see if you’re not careful with your templating, and why this happens, and what you can do to prevent it. When...


10 web/tech predictions for 2015

When I was about 11 years old I saw some guy walking his dog in the park while making a call with his cellular phone. My mother and I both agreed that it looked stupid and no sane person would ever need to own a phone to make calls while...