DevDays ‘09 The Netherlands day #1

May 28, 2009

Today was the first day of DevDays ‘09 in the World Forum in The Hague city. There are around 80 sessions in these two days, from cloud computing, .NET, Ajax to Silverlight and a lot more subjects.

The first sessions of today was the key note session with David Chappel, the talk was about Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Azure. He told us what this new technology means and what it can do, like how do we use it in practice. The technologies that came by are Windows Azure, .NET Services and SQL services. He also mentioned some alternatives like Amazone EC2, Google Appengine and Salesforce Platform.

The second talk I went to was C# 4.0 and the Future of C# from Krishnan Subramanian, in a very packed hall he talked about dynamic & functional languages and concurrent programming. Some topics where dynamically typed objects, optional and named parameters, improved to COM interoperability and co and contra-variance. He also talked about the future of C# and gives use some cool demo’s about on the fly compiling and running of C# code.

The third talk was about attack and defense and securing ASP.NET applications from Keith Brown, after some very nice yo-yo tricks Keith talked about how-to secure our Web applications from potential hackers. The topics that came along are server side validation, user rights, filtering, SQL injection and XSS. He also showed us how easy it was to hack a product database search web application with SQL injection if you doesn’t use parameterized queries.

In forth and last talk Fritz Onion talked about ASP.NET AJAX 4.0. How do we improve our client-side development experience this was the main subject of the talk. The talk covers subjects like the new client-side template and data binding model, declarative control instantiation, the new DataView control, markup extensions, and bindings. With ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 we can faster build quickly responding web application without creating a lot of client side code your self.

The event is very well organized at a nice location, tomorrow day two with a lot of new interesting sessions.

Erwin Griekspoor

Erwin Griekspoor