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12 new features of Hippo CMS 10 to look forward to

Hippo CMS 10 is a major new release of Hippo CMS. Many new features and improvements have been introduced with this release. We list here, in no particular order, top 12 new features/changes that we think are of the most importance. 12 new features of Hippo CMS 10 Versioning The last...


What’s new in the EPiServer Spring ’15 release

On May 27 EPiServer released a new version of the Digital Experience Cloud Platform. What does this new EPiServer version bring us? Cloud and connectivity seems to be the keywords here.   Cloud “Cloud first” seems to be the way to go. Although the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud package is...


Updating resource bundles in Hippo using Groovy script

Introduction Often, when deploying a new release through the DTAP environment, resource labels need to be updated as well. For example you added a new label for a button. Or you defined some configuration in a resource label, like a date pattern, which is used into your JSP file (although...

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Publishing binary assets from SDL Tridion

Introduction In this blog post, I’m going to talk about publishing binary files from SDL Tridion. In particular, I’m going to go over some strange behaviour that you might see if you’re not careful with your templating, and why this happens, and what you can do to prevent it. When...

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Adding publications to Tridion via the core service

A few weeks ago I was privileged to attend the SDL Tridion MVP summit in Evora, Portugal. Needless to say, it was a very interesting few days, and as usual, we spent quite some time on some technical subjects. The most prominent of these was the Tridion Reference Implementation (TRI),...

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Tridion’s new API for Content Porting

Our old friend the Content Porter SDL Content Porter! You can’t live with it, and you can’t live without it. Many of us have served our time, making exports and imports as we moved our Tridion templates through the DTAP street or even nursemaiding long-running “ports” of actual content from...

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The Razor Mediator for Tridion – in practice

In this article, I’m going to tell you about how we used the Razor mediator for Tridion to achieve cleaner and more maintainable templating on a recent project for one of Indivirtual’s customers. This is a useful technique, which will be attractive to many Tridion developers. How does that fit...


Tutorial: setup Eclipse workspace for Hippo CMS

As a senior Java developer I’ve gained quite some experience in the last couple of years. Not only I know how to identify great software architecture or horror code, but also how my local development tool should look like. For example, the ideal IDE can check out a project from...

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Top 6 redenen om een API voor je bedrijf in te zetten

API: “An application programming interface (API) is a protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other.” De meeste producten of diensten van bedrijven kunnen worden gezien als een tol. De meeste bedrijven maken een product/dienst zoals zij verwachten dat de klant deze...


Tridion Ideas: To vote, or not to vote

By reading this entry you must have something to do with a SDL Tridion product, so have you voted already, or have you been voted for? I would like create some more attention for the SDL Tridion website:  This is the place where all the people working with any...


10 new Tridion 2011 features to look forward to

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to actually get my hands dirty with the new Tridion 2011 release. So, I have been scouring all blogs from other Tridion consultants as well as reading the release documentation to find out about all the great new features. The list is long, so I...

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Tridion 2011 Sneak preview

Recently we visited the Tridion 2011 CTP bootcamp where we received a VMware image of the new Tridion 2011 release. I made a video to show some of the new things in the Tridion 2011 GUI. If the video is not working, please go to Visit our website for more information about Tridion.


10 Things to Love about Tridion (2009)!

Blueprinting principle The blueprinting in Tridion is a fantastic way to keep all building blocks of a website separate, yet together. The most obvious advantage is the ability to create a piece of content on a main content publication level and having it translated on local country publication levels. But,...