Author: Mehul Parmar

Mehul joined Inidvirtual as a Java Web Developer in 2010. His focus is on creating CMS backed websites with Hippo & Alterian. When he is not behind his laptop he likes to spend his time reading books on science and history.


Top 9 new features in Hippo CMS 11

This blog post takes a look at some of the new features in Hippo CMS 11 from a developer’s perspective. A while ago I blogged about Hippo CMS 10. Since then a lot has changed in the Hippo world. Hippo CMS version 11 has been released and I will show you what Hippo...


Indi’s @ Devoxx UK

Devoxx UK This year Indivirtual’s Java team decided to visit developer related events/conferences. As part of this effort, each of the Java developers could choose an event to go to from a list of events; Devoxx UK, GoTo, IOT, Jaxx, J-Fall. We, Mehul Parmar, Robbert Stevens and Martijn van der Vorst chose for Devoxx UK held...

Hippo CMS 10 1

12 new features of Hippo CMS 10 to look forward to

Hippo CMS 10 is a major new release of Hippo CMS. Many new features and improvements have been introduced with this release. We list here, in no particular order, top 12 new features/changes that we think are of the most importance. 12 new features of Hippo CMS 10 Versioning The last...